Let’s Free Ourselves from Politicians!

The political class is a social class from another age. From an age when humans were just mastering fire, explosions and war. It is a class whose places of worship are parliaments where they lie and voting booth where they set themselves apart.

Politic is a tool forged by Humanity at the time it learnt how to write in order to govern itself. Humanity feared night and death. Politicians played on our fears to seize power and have exercised it through the terrorist doctrines of alterity and death.

In order to escape this dread and the politician’s Machiavellian grip, Humanity invented electricity. It lights up Humanity when it wakes up at night, it teaches when it asks questions, it speaks when it feels lonely.

The electric human is no longer afraid and reduces political power.

Politicians still try to terrorize a little – war, famine, poor education – to make themselves important, but humanity has turned away from them.

The political class will die out. Let’s lead it into humanity’s void. Let’s put the politicians in the Museum of Human Terror. And let’s move forward with our Electricity.

Let’s no longer allow politicians to terrorise and humiliate children, or judge and belittle them, so that they can justify their now unjustifiable existence.

Let’s free our minds from politics. Let’s no longer listen to their television and radio sermons. Let’s escape politics and elections; long live democracy!

Employees, bosses, self-employed, investors, let’s democratize our unions by implementing sortition to choose our representatives. And let’s make them meet publicly and democratically to organize production in the electric age, to distribute the wealth we create, without politicians.

Electric humanity is the daughter of the politician. She forgives his wars, his tortures, his shaming, his remorse, his judgements. She moves forward into the future, the light.

The Political King is dead. Long live the Queen Democracy!

Welcome to a Humanity freed from its political class, a Free Nation.



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